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Skylights – New & Replacement

Warm and Natural Lighting

If you’ve ever found yourself wanting to bring in more natural light, or are just looking to provide a stunning new look to your home or business, a skylight may be what you’re looking for. A skylight is an excellent way to bring in more natural lighting during daytime hours, and can even reduce your electric bill in the process. At Mulder Construction Group, we pride ourselves on crafting quality projects for our customers, providing a wide array of options for just the right look.

If you have an old skylight that is in need of replacement, we offer experts to help ensure a successful project.

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Finding the Right Skylight

There are many options when it comes to deciding what skylight is right for your home or business.

Fixed unit skylights -help to illuminate the room in singular locations for a more controlled approach.

Vented (roof window) skylights – open to allow for ventilation, while still providing light.

Tubular skylights – provide light in close-fitting spaces, such as a closet or pantry.


The implementation of any of these types of skylights depends on your home or office needs. However, all skylight options allow for an excellent opportunity to incorporate more natural lighting.

Our Process

Initial Design

Before starting, we begin by assessing your specific needs for a skylight through an in-home estimate. Our goal is to apply our years of experience to whatever project you request, helping you find the skylight design that you feel best suits your needs – both through design and practicality. Whether you have a specific design in mind, or need an expert recommendation, we’re here to oblige in any way we can.


Once a design is agreed upon, installation can begin. We pride ourselves on providing excellant service and quality output. Our skilled workers have the knowledge, experience, and care that come from 30 years of dedicated service. Whether it’s skylight installation or maintaining an existing skylight, we’ll be able to help.

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